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Who are we?
Sappi Fine Paper North America's (SFPNA) Sustainable Forestry Program is a team of trained forest professionals, including licensed foresters, dedicated to assisting woodlot owners in the State of Maine develop, manage and harvest their woodlands.

What do we do?
Our SFPNA Sustainable Forestry Program's team of foresters, wildlife biologist and other professionals are here to help you, the landowner, reach your objectives for your woodland. Our program offers a variety of services that can help you:
  • Conduct timber harvests that met landowner objectives while maximizing your return
  • Develop a forest management plan
  • Assist with wildlife management and aesthetics

We have an extensive network of environmental and marketing resources to help you reach your goals.

"We are all becoming more aware about the full life cycle of products and the impact that our decisions make on the environment. Each step of the process - where materials come from, how they are manufactured and how products are used - has an affect. Environmentally responsible papermaking starts with sourcing wood from responsible land owners."
Laura Thompson, Ph.D.,
Sustainable Development
Sappi Fine Paper North America